3/02/18 Nature Family Field Trip – 10,000 Islands & Everglades City – Explore, Hike and Dip Your Toes





Friday, March 2nd, 2018


Stone Crabs and 10,000 Islands…Life from the Freshwater to the Saltwater!

Spend the day traveling west and south to Everglades City... flow with the freshwater as it wanders from the swamps of Big Cypress and Fakahatchee Strand down into the southlands to meet with the Gulf of Mexico.

Travel west and south to a place at the edge of Florida, a hidden place full of lore and beauty, a place set back in time in so many ways.  Learn about alligator holes and ghost orchids,  stone crabs and blue crabs, mosquitoes and smugglers, and survival in a harsh, but beautiful land.

All day trip to Everglades City.  A sense of wonder and adventure is required! 

All day trip to the Everglades City area – on the way to Naples…stamina for an all day road trip and a sense of adventure is required!

Chokoloskee Island Smallwoods Trading Post


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