Bayologist Camp, Winter 2018

Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves

Winter Break is almost here!  It is time to register your curious children – age 5-12, for a week of marine studies and bay discoveries.  SIGN UP BELOW! SPACE IS LIMITED!

January 2-5
Florida Nature, Florida People…A Natural History of Biscayne Bay

Coral Crafting – Meet the Architects of the Sea

Get your campers ready for a week of fun-filled days…exploring the shores and waters of Biscayne Bay.

Bayologist Campers will travel back in time this camp season – going backward from 2018 – thousands of years –  to see how Biscayne Bay came to be.  Campers will better understand the bay ecology by getting to know its history, geology and hydrology.   They will see how coral polyps are the crafters and architects of the sea – constantly building and changing the land we know.

Every session, the Bayologists enjoy boating the bay, wading and walking the shoreline, dipping their nets below the surface to study and identify different species of wildlife, playing active environmental games, participating in hands-on art and science activities, and learning from local scientists and activists.

Each camper becomes a steward of Biscayne Bay and understands how their actions affect the environment around them.  When a camper attends all three seasons, they earn their Junior Bayologist Certificate, complete with an achievement ceremony and photo with a BBAP Biologist.

Sign up NOW…space is limited to 15 enthusiastic campers!

*Adventurous children age 5 and up are invited to join the program!

* Winter week of Bayologist Camp is $200 per child, with a sibling discount of 15%.
Please fill out and submit the form below and then click on the PayPal link for payment to complete your registration. You are not fully registered without both a submitted form and payment. Registration closes at 15 campers.

Bayologist Camp, Winter 2018